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There are few things you need to understand about a review. A review is one personís opinion of game, of their experience with it. This can and will include an authorís expectations. This is just part of life, especially gaming life where game demos, trailers, and developer interviews are all geared towards creating that expectation. An authorís opinion is not a universal rating which will be looked upon through the ages as Truth. You, as the reader, need to taking into consideration the points made by the author and weigh them against your own personal interests and biases. This enables you make a judgment on whether to: try the game out, look into it more, or buy it. To this end this website does not, nor will ever, give games a numerical score. A personís intricate opinion can not be distilled into a rigid immovable digit or similar. Humans do not naturally communicate this way; we speak in relative terms which have no concrete boundaries. In numerical terms what is the difference between something that is good and really good? Can a 7 and 8 adequately communicate their difference? I donít believe so and it becomes more meaningless when the score includes decimals. This is why this website uses relative terms to summarize an overall opinion of a game. I feel it better replicates how one individual speaks to another while not causing false distinctions. One last thing to remember is that it is a summary, which is not a replacement for reading the authorís detailed opinion.

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