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Please Teacher Anime Review.
Please Teacher anime review. The appeal has wavered over the years. I used to love this show but that was when I was first getting into anime. It doesn't compare well to GTO, which is full of powerful turmoil, but that's next times review. I watched GTO just before this.

Please Teacher Spill Over:
-Kei lives with his uncle, who’s a doctor, and his aunt, who’s a nurse.
-His uncle is a funny character who has wandering eyes to say the least.
-Marie is Mizuho’s ship controller. He’s a weird little guy that wears a life saver and floats around. He’s like a mascot character but has an influence on the plot.
-Kei narrates sometimes but it doesn’t add a great deal. Lots of ‘moving forward’ talk. Standstills. Stopping time etc.
-There’s an overarching continuity at the start of the show with people on the look out for alien sightings.
-The other character’s romance while not completely surprising does make a sudden leap.
-The Voice Actress for the dub of Mizuho fits perfectly. We don't see enough of her.
-I prefer Hatsuho’s (Mizuho’s mum) design to Mizuhos. I wonder what that says about me.
-My reaction to the scene with Kei’s reason for standstills: “What kid talks like that? Who even talks like that? What a load of emo BS!”