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Lux Pain Game Review.
Lux Pain game review. It's quite surprising that the western publishers of this game agreed to pay for something that poorly translated. You would think they would try to fix it, but then again maybe their licensing agreement didn't allow them to?

Lux Pain Spill Over:
-The gameís pretty emo at times.
-I would go back to get the proper ending but it took 21 hours to beat the first time.
-Finishing the game unlocks extra scenes and a gallery.
-Thereís no explanation at the start of the game so you better read the manual.
-By end of game I still didnít know what Shinen actually means/is. I figure itís something to do with emotion.
-Thereís an animated cutscene/fmv at the start of the game. Itís a bit like Time Hollow.