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Twelve Kingdoms Anime Review.
Twelve Kingdoms anime review. An amazing series that I wish would get a second season.

My Prince of Persia video didn't happen this week. I've been busy/stressed out over job interviews/programming tests.

Twelve Kingdoms Spill Over:
-Each chapter/arc ends with a recap episode. They have pieces of new content sprinkled in them so you canít just skip them.
-The divine governmental system is a pretty cool idea. Although it doesnít seem to work any better. A holy creature selects and serves the ruler of a kingdom. The King is immortal and so are his selected bureaucrats. However if the king governs wrongly the Kirin gets sick, yoma infest the land, the land turns to dust, and the King eventually dies.
-I was disappointed that the battle for Kei was skipped over but thereís more on that later in the series.