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Time Hollow Game Review.
Time Hollow Game Review. Even though I gave it a decent rating I could foresee myself playing Time Hollow again. I haven't played much this week. I'm in the process of buying some component splitters and another component cable so I can record 360 footage on my PC but play on my TV. I've got 3 games to finish on the 360: Mirror's Edge, Bully and Devil May Cry 4.

Spill Over:
-The Plot is about Ethan restoring the lives of his family and friends. It kind of reminded me of Another Code: Two Memories. In essence it's about obsession – insanity. Time wise I didn’t see any really major problems with the story. Ultimately things end up for the better – like the Back to the Future movies – but I feel that time stories like these should be bitter sweet. And it was to some degree, I just think they should have emphasized the cost to Ethan personally for restoring everyone’s lives. It did shorten his life span after all. The game has two very minor alternative endings which are very easy to see.

-The Australian version of the game has PG rating sticker over the top of a G rating sticker. I don’t know why they thought this would get a G rating – people get stabbed and killed/murdered.

-Everytime something changes you get Flashbacks. You need to select them through the game menu to fill in details you already knew. You MUST do this or you can’t progress.

-Double click to inspect the environment instead of a single click. Hotel Dusk does this as well and it’s unnecessary.

-Characters are named after numbers/time but are rather lame – eg Threet.