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Sentai Filmworks Adds One Title.
Sentai Filmworks has acquired the 45 episode TV series Ghost Sweeper Mikami. Produced in 1993/94 the series is based on a Shonen Sunday manga, created by Takashi Shiina. It combines comedy and horror as the spiritual population of Japan overflows into the world of the living due to overpopulation. Sentai Filmworks gave no release details for the show.

Synopsis: If youíve got a ghost in your neighborhood, and your neighborhood is in Japan, youíd better put in a call to Ghost Sweeper Mikami, where disposing of things that most people donít even believe exist is their stock in trade. Demon in the woodwork, hopping vampire in the pantry? Donít worry! No case is too big or too small, since the lovely but avaricious Reiko Mikami will take any case that pays and her loyal but perverted sidekick Tadao will do anything that might let him sneak a peek at Reikoís magnificent physique. How unfortunate for him that Reiko basically sees him as cannon-fodder, something thatís quite useful when your day to day business involves exorcising oni, yurei, yokai and anything else you might find in The Illustrated Bag of One Hundred Random Ghosts. Itís supernatural sleuthing where the bad guys arenít wearing masks and the unexplained is both expected and usually lethal in GHOST SWEEPER MIKAMI!
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