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Birdy the Mighty Decode Cast.
Funimation Entertainment has posted on it's blog the dub cast for Birdy the Mighty: Decode. It's also released a trailer (U.S only) on YouTube for the Aniplex produced TV series.

Character - Cast
BIRDY - Luci Christian
TUTO - J. Michael Tatum
TSUTOMU - Micah Solusod
BACILLUS - Chris Ayres
SAYAKA - Brina Palencia
NATSUMI - Cherami Leigh
IRMA - Wendy Powell
GOMEZ - Newton Pittman
GEEGA - John Swasey

Birdy is a jaw-dropping, pin-up sensation with a secret. Under cover of darkness, this dream girl becomes a bad guy’s worst nightmare. Birdy dons her crime-fighting costume and hits the street as a lethal, interstellar federation agent charged with nailing the most dangerous criminals in the galaxy. Her latest case involves a gang of extraterrestrial terrorists and a stolen space weapon that could nuke every living thing on Earth. Birdy’s got the moves to stop them dead in their tracks, but there’s one big problem: she’s got a nasty habit of going berserk, and somebody always gets hurt. Yeah, Birdy may be dreamy, but she’s also the only thing more dangerous than the bad guys.
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