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New Streaming Titles from CrunchyRoll, Funimation.
Funimation Entertainment has inked a deal with Nippon Television Network Corporation to simulcast Rainbow - Nisha Rokubo no Shichinin to the U.S. The 26 episode series will begin it's simulcast with episode 9 airing on the 1st of June. The other previously aired episodes will also available, and all episodes will be subtitled with Japanese audio.

“We are proud to partner with NTV on this new title as we expect to significantly grow our simulcast business” said Gen Fukunaga, CEO of FUNimation Entertainment “it is a natural extension of our already strong partnership on anime series and live-action films.”

In other streaming news, CrunchyRoll has acquired Lilpri and Giant Killing for simulcast. Giant Killing has already started streaming while Lilpri will start on the 29th of May with episode 9. This episode of Lilpri will temporarily only be available to CrunchyRoll subscribers, but the first 3 episodes will be open to all. The remaining episodes will follow shortly after. The cast of Lilpri consists of voice actresses from the music group S/mileage.

Rainbow Synopsis:
The year is 1955. Mario Minakami and five other boys have landed themselves in Block 2, Cell 6 of the Shonan Special Reformatory for crimes they’ve committed. Amid the daily fights and group beatings, the boys take to heart the teachings of Rokurota Sakuragi (nickname “Anchan”), an older boy in the same cell, to stand up to unjustness and live life with passion.
(Press Release)

Lilpri Synopsis:
Strange phenomena have been reported in Wonderland. In fact the Wonderland is on the verge of extinction. The only way to avoid this crisis is to collect “Happiness Stone,” which only exist in human hearts, and the only ones who have the ability to collect them are the legendary “Princesses”. The queen of the Wonderland orders her “Ma(gic)Pets” to find three human girls who have the potential to become the Princesses. After being sent to the human world, MaPets encounter three girls at the concert of the popular idol group, Wish. Indeed, they were the girls who were to become the Princesses.
(Press Release)

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