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Gaming Lookout December 2010.

There aren't many games coming out this month that are worth mentioning: Tron Evolution, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, and a Wii version of Super Mario All Stars. With WoW's expansion being the only game of any real significance.

Gaming Lookout November 2010.

November... OMG it's nearly Christmas! Which means one of the year's biggest games is also here - Call of Duty: Black Ops, accompanied by God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Assassins Creed: Brotherhood, Donkey Kong Country Returns, and Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom. All release dates are for the US and subject to change and the video may contain mature content. Other notable releases this month include: Epic Mickey.

Gaming Lookout October 2010.

October, tis the month of RPGs: Fable III, Star Wars The Force Unleashed II, Fallout New Vegas, Super Scribblenauts, Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. It serves as something of a preview for the gaming month ahead and may contain mature content. All release dates are for the US and subject to change. Other notable releases include:...

Sword of the Stranger Review.

Sword of the Stranger looks like a classic samurai flick; a lone samurai of supreme skill defends the weak and fights the strong. However it has some weird elements that set it apart from the norm. The main bad guy is a western traveling around with the Chinese, who are after immortality and pretty much do what ever they like in Japanese territory. Including constructing a huge doom fortress/altar. The film has also a touch of irreverence, with random background characters providing some levity. It's a cross genre af...

RahXephon Review.

RahXephon is a mecha series that tries desperately to be Neon Genesis Evangelion. There's the mysterious organization determining the fate of humanity, the pseudo religious symbolism, and the instrumentalists. Unfortunately it has neither the depth of character, nor the depth of ideas to compare to that legendary series. Another way of putting it, is that it has narrative feet of clay. A lot of things happen but there aren't any reasons why they happen. It doesn't have the psychological make up of Evangelion that dri...

Time Crunched.

Due to my diminishing free time, reviews from now on will be shorter and much more to the point. This doesn't mean I'm spending less time watching or playing something, or thinking any less about it's score. It just means I'm expressing my overall opinion in fewer words, and covering the major areas. Reviews will still have heaps of screenshots and spill over will still mention some of the other points I didn't cover in the review.

Gaming Lookout September 2010.

This month has some big games: Halo Reach, Civilization V, Final Fantasy XIV, Hawx 2, Dead Rising 2. Other notable releases include: Professor Layton and the Unwound Future and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.

Anime Streaming Guide Launched.

Today is the day my Anime Streaming Guide launches, a TV guide for legal anime streams on the internet. It displays the time/day a show becomes available, adjusted to your local timezone, conveniently showcasing what's on for that 24 hour period. It also has handy links directly to the show's streaming homepage, just simply click on the title's name and a window will pop up with extra info. The guide will be updated weekly and was intended to f...

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