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Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough Index
for PC

Walkthrough is Complete
Last Updated: 19-3-2010

PagePage Number
The Beginning2
The Second Mission3
Omega – Professor Mordin Solus4
Omega – Archangel5
Random Side Quests - Citadel6
Recruit the Convict - Jack7
Recruit the Krogan - Grunt8
Miranda's Quest - The Prodigal11
Recruit the Assassin - Thane12
Recruit the Justicar - Samara13
Mordin's Quest – Old Blood14
Samara's Quest – The Ardat-Yakshi15
Jacob's Quest – The Gift of Greatness16
Garrus’ Quest – Eye For An Eye17
Thane's Quest – Sins of the Father18
Jack's Quest – Subject Zero19
Recruit Tali20
Collector Ship21
Tali's Quest - Treason22
Acquire Reaper IFF23
Legion's Quest - A House Divided24
Activate Reaper IFF25
Omega 4 Relay – Launch Suicide Mission26

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