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The Twelve Games of Summer 2009
I realize that title probably doesnít make sense to people in the Northern Hemisphere but here in Australia its 34C/93F. Itís definitely going to be another hot Christmas. Itís also the time of the year when people have plenty of time off school/work, which means thereís plenty of time for gaming. So hereís how Iíll be spending my summer holidays this year and into the next.

Date: 23-12-2009
Subject: Games
Article By: Bradley Beeck

LucidityLucidity Ė an intriguing game combining Lemmings and Tetris. You donít explicitly control the main character instead you create pathways for her as she moves on her own. The way the story is told is also very interesting although the game can be frustrating according to reviews.

Crysis Warhead - the expansion pack to the buggy but excellent FPS. Iím interested to see what this is like because Crytek (developer) cancelled a patch for their game to make this expansion. Thus leaving Crysis in a permanently broken state.

Devil Summoner - another installment in the Shin Megami Tensei series, this time on the DS. I donít know much about it but I recently played Persona 4 and happened upon a copy of this game so I bought it.

Batman Arkham Asylum Ė a stealth/action game featuring the popular superhero that lacks the super part (he has no special powers). While I have no interest in batman Ė everyone else seems to be a fan Ė this is another supposedly great game.

RE5Resident Evil 5 Ė probably the most controversial game of the year with accusations of racism. This release in the series set out to try something new with the introduction of an AI partner. It didnít necessarily succeed but that hasnít stopped me wanting to play it all year.

Red Faction Guerrilla Ė an open world action game with a strong emphasis on the destruction part of action. A contender for game of the year according to people whoís opinion I respect. Iím not a fan of open world games mainly because the Ďopen worldí is a generally waste of time. Iíd rather have a guided/tightly designed experience where Iím always doing something, instead of being on my way to doing something. Weíll see how this one fairs.

AC2Assassins Creed 2 - a stealth/action/platformer game that improves on the original in everyway. Iíve held off getting this because Iím not that fond of the original. It got dull pretty quick with repetitive tasks leading up to an assassination. When all I wanted to do was hang off the side of a building and throw shurikens into peopleís heads. In other words I wanted the freedom to decide how and when I was going to assassinate someone. I donít think this sequel delivers on that part but Iím willing to give it another go.

Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition - the classic adventure game reborn with updated graphics and voice overs. Although it also includes the game in its original form. I was four years old when this was first released so I completely missed this legendary Lucas Arts production, along with many others. And being a fan of adventure games I canít pass up a chance to play it.

MassEffect2Mass Effect 2 - continues on from the RPG/Shooter Mass Effect in a very real sense. Save games from the first game will carry over decisions into this. I played the first game recently and was underwhelmed to say the least. The combat was dodgy, the AI almost absent and the side quests boring. The only reason I finished it was because the main storyline was interesting. Letís hope Bioware have fixed these core gameplay issues.

Ace Attorney Miles Edgeworth - another title in the Ace Attorney/Phoenix Wright adventure game series. This one seems to focus a lot more on investigation than the trial side of things. Probably the game Iím most looking forward to because I loved the story driven Ďgameplayí of the previous Phoenix Wright games.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope - a JRPG and another long running series. Itís also another game in my education in JRPGs, which Iíve been pursuing this year. Itís a decent game and its purchase was helped by the on sale price of nineteen dollars.

Bioshock2Bioshock 2 Ė this much anticipated sequel brings with it multiplayer functionality. Which I definitely wonít be playing as Bioshock was very much a solo/single player experience. I kind of liked the first Bioshock but I was always being reminded of the classic System Shock 2, a superior game.

Itíll be anything but a quiet summer thatís for sure. Especially when you add in all the anime Iíll be watching, which will have an article all of its own. So Iíve told you what Iíll be playing this summer/winter but what will you be playing? Leave a comment in the forums and let me know.