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Farcry 2 Review.

Check out my review of Farcry 2. It’s a hard review, I know. I teetered between Decent and Good but I just couldn’t bring myself to give it a Good rating. What decided it in the end was a simple question: “Do I want to play this game again?”. The answer is no. That’s the difference between a Good game and a Decent one.

There are sometimes going to be more things I want to talk about in a game or show that can properly fit in a review. So I'll write them in the news post announcing the review and call the section Spill Over.

Spill Over
-The Fire system – which causes grass and trees to catch fire when things explode – is an impressive technical achievement. However in my experience fire just got in the way of fighting through guard outposts.
-When you start the game you can select a character from a collection of mercenaries. It has no discernable impact on the game other than changing your appearance.
-The SecuRom anti-piracy system requires you to authorize an installation to limit the number of installs you can perform. You can revoke authorizations...

A New Beginning.

So it begins again. This time with a clearer vision of what I’m going to with it. The review scale has been adjusted and I think it’s about right. You can see the full scale at the bottom of the review index. Be sure to check out my ethos on reviews. I’ve also decided to add video game reviews because I’ve been playing them a lot lately. I have a DS, PC and 360 so that's what I'll cover for the moment. There’s now a forum for comments and threads are automatically created for every review. I’m also thinking of adding videos with commentary to the game reviews because they can benefit from it. Anyone interested in doing anime or game reviews purely for fun using my rating system should send me some of their work.


So after almost a year of inactivity I've decided to restart this place. I'd be wasting my money on hosting otherwise right? ;) . I hope to have actual full reviews this time around instead of just first impressions. I've also decided to change the scoring system. Gone are magical quantitative numbers out of ten. Instead I'll use qualitative words such as "Terrible" and "Brilliant" which are how anyone naturally expresses their opinion. You can see the new scoring scale on the bottom of the review page. First Impression reviews will remain the same. And so the journey through the Magnificent World of anime begins again!

GO3 Expo.

I went to the GO3 Expo that happened here on the weekend in Perth, Australia. GO3 being a gaming/computer expo that also had things like Cosplay and DDR competitions. I was pretty impressed with it on the whole. It's pretty miraculous that something like that was even held in Perth (being a small city a very long way from anywhere). I would have loved to have gone to the conference side of things and heard speeches from game developers such as Hideo Kojima.

I did manage to take some video of the Cosplay competition that happened on Sunday. It's just the intros. I do have all footage in 640x480 resolution but I reduced it due to file size. My apologies for the shaky camera. I was holding it with one hand while standing and holding a heavy bag in the other hand. I got a tripod today for my camera so next time it'll be better quality.

Weekly Anime Roundup - The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye.

This week’s spot light is on The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye. The Image Gallery is now up to 24 shows and 1,059 screenshots!

The Third has 9 episodes fan subbed so far and is from the spring season of anime. The show’s story is about Honoka, the “Sword Dancer” (she has the ability to cut anything with her sword), a mercenary who takes on jobs in a desert wasteland. The setting is a post apocalyptic world where a group/race of people called The Third watch over earth and enforce a “Technos Taboo” (technology is limited). The Third not surprisingly have a third eye which enables them to interact with technology. Honoka herself has a giant sand tank which she lives in with Bogie, the tank’s AI. Honoka picks up the mysterious Ikus on her travels and takes him on as a client (he wants her to show him around). Another regular character is Milly, she is the daughter of master mechanic Zanka. Zanka repairs Honoka’s Tank and PSP (mecha suit).

The Third has been a pretty good watch so far. There’s a decent amount of action and I like how Honoka travels around in a tank. The story is still unfolding; we still don’t know how the earth ended up in this post...

the_third002 the_third006 the_third008 the_third019
the_third021 the_third024 the_third027 the_third031
the_third046 the_third047 the_third051 the_third053

Image Gallery.

Today I added a new feature to the site: an Image Gallery. It already has 450 screen shots from 16 anime shows.


Hello! This is dl here the site owner and I wish to welcome you to the This website is dedicated to reviewing and discussing anime. My first review is already online which is of the Tales of Phantasia OVA series. Now that the general insanity of assignments/exams/moving is over the journey through the magnificent world of anime can really begin! Guest posting is available on the forums so don't be afraid to post.

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