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Time Crunched.

Due to my diminishing free time, reviews from now on will be shorter and much more to the point. This doesn't mean I'm spending less time watching or playing something, or thinking any less about it's score. It just means I'm expressing my overall opinion in fewer words, and covering the major areas. Reviews will still have heaps of screenshots and spill over will still mention some of the other points I didn't cover in the review.

Sony Pulls Queen's Blade.

The first episode of Queen's Blade, a fanservice heavy/mature anime title distributed by MediaBlasters, has been pulled from the Playstation Store. The episode was being offered as a free download as part of a promotion but after IGN inquired about the title, Sony reacted by pulling it down from the free section. The first episode's description reads: "Reina defeats Melona by stopping the acid that shoots from her breasts." so it's hard to see how Sony...

Eminence are Preeminent.

Eminence are an Australian orchestra that performs Anime and Video Game music, and have recorded soundtracks such as Romeo x Juliet, Diablo 3, and the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. There are other orchestras, such as Play! that do much the same thing. After attending a performance by the ensemble cast of the Eminence Orchestra on the weekend I can say I have a new appreciation for the talent required to perform songs at that level. So I'm encouraging everyone to attend an orchestra at least once so you can see what goes into making the anime and video game music we love. Now if I could only attend one of Eminence's A Night in Fantasia concerts with the whole orchestra....

Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas.

There won't be any new posts until early in the new year. So from me at the Magnificent World: Have a Great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Please Teacher Anime Review.

Please Teacher anime review. The appeal has wavered over the years. I used to love this show but that was when I was first getting into anime. It doesn't compare well to GTO, which is full of powerful turmoil, but that's next times review. I watched GTO just before this.

Please Teacher Spill Over:
-Kei lives with his uncle, who’s a doctor, and his aunt, who’s a nurse.
-His uncle is a funny character who has wandering eyes to say the least.
-Marie is Mizuho’s ship controller. He’s a weird little guy that wears a life saver and floats around. He’s like a mascot character but has an influence on the plot.
-Kei narrates sometimes but it doesn’t add a great deal. Lots of ‘moving forward’ talk. Standstills. Stopping time etc.
-There’s an overarching continuity at the start of the show with people on the look out for alien sightings.
-The other character’s romance while not completely surprising does make a sudden leap.
-The Voice Actress for the dub of Mizuho fits perfectly. We don't see enough of her.

Lux Pain Game Review.

Lux Pain game review. It's quite surprising that the western publishers of this game agreed to pay for something that poorly translated. You would think they would try to fix it, but then again maybe their licensing agreement didn't allow them to?

Lux Pain Spill Over:
-The game’s pretty emo at times.
-I would go back to get the proper ending but it took 21 hours to beat the first time.
-Finishing the game unlocks extra scenes and a gallery.
-There’s no explanation at the start of the game so you better read the manual.
-By end of game I still didn’t know what Shinen actually means/is. I figure it’s something to do with emotion.
-There’s an animated cutscene/fmv at the start of the game. It’s a bit like Time Hollow.

Last Exile Anime Review.

Last Exile anime review. It needed to pick a story strand and focus on it. Having main characters present in a story strand which they don't control produces a show that could have been much stronger.

Last Exile Spill Over:
-There's another intense scene after Lavie and Claus are introduced. It's a scene of aerial combat from the perspective of a musketeer on a battleship. The soldier is Mullin Shetland, and he continually repeats a phrase as he prepares for battle. It’s an engaging way to start the series but misleading as Mullin isn’t the main character or even important to the overall story. Things would have been vastly different if he was and perhaps stronger for it.

No Review This Week.

There will be no review this week. Some things came up with job applications getting back to me.

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