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Someday's Dreamers Review

Genres: Magic Drama Slice-of-Life All
Series' Year of Release: 2003
Number of Episodes: 12
Review Date: 19-8-2009
Review Language: Dub
Review DVD Region: R4 Available in Australia
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Review By: Bradley Beeck

Yume Kikuchi is an apprentice mage who travels to Tokyo to study under a professional mage – Masami Oyamada. Magic is tightly controlled and no mage can use its special power without an official request. This is Yume’s first mistake on her journey to help those around her by using her power. A journey which will see her question her very reason for becoming a mage.

somedays_dreamers014Someday’s Dreamers or Things That are Precious to a Mage is an anime series adapted from a two volume manga. It’s a series that you need to be in the right mood to properly enjoy as nothing really happens. It’s full of small melancholic stories that ultimately have an uplifting and relaxed feeling. The first time I watched Someday’s Dreamers I didn’t connect with it but this time around I did. I was just in the right frame of mind for the series to carry me with it.

somedays_dreamers020Someday’s Dreamers is a character driven series with a small cast of reoccurring characters. Yume is the main character who travels to Tokyo to learn magic and the rules which govern its use. She’s head strong, deeply wishes to help people and utters the phrase ‘With all my precious feelings’ whenever she uses her magic. That being the case she doesn’t pay much attention to the rules and frequently finds herself in trouble with the bureaucracy that governs magic. I found myself occasionally wishing she would think before charging into a situation where she doesn’t belong. It’s through Yume we’re introduced to her instructor Mr Oyamada (owns a bar), his barman Smilie, his DJ Milinda, and other apprentice mages such as Angela. Each of these characters has some event in their life that Yume helps them come to terms with through the use of her magic. In turn they help her understand what it means to be a mage and give her the courage to carry on with her training.

somedays_dreamers022With the series only being twelve episodes long not every character arc gets the time it deserves. Angela’s story specifically needed another episode because it didn’t fit with the events of the previous episode. There needed to be a transition episode that displayed the change in her feelings. As I said before these story arcs tend to start off melancholic and then progress at a relaxed pace to an uplifting ending. The majority of the arcs are great and I think Smilie’s is the best. The series has a more mature tone to it because of the story elements present – getting over loss, being an orphan, and dealing with complex emotions. The show ends in decent fashion, without everything being completely covered. I wanted more of these slice of life tales.

somedays_dreamers031The animation of Someday’s Dreamer’s is reasonable with a few static pans and CG for the magic. Meaning it’s streets ahead of the recent series, Summer Skies, set in the same universe. The DVD artwork is also worth mentioning with its lovely water painting style. The music is decent and the ED song Under the Blue Sky by Indigo perfectly fits the relaxed atmosphere of the series. The OP song is Kaze no Hana by HANA HANA and is the kind of song that grows on you with repeated viewing. One of the most distinct memories I have from watching this show the first time is the dub. Angela’s voice is one of the worst I’ve heard; it’s stilted, stiff, emotionless and grates with its british accent. The Japanese regional accents have been translated into American accents. Yume speaks with a southern accent and Rune speaks with a Brooklyn/New York accent. Yume’s is actually well handled only occasionally slipping into it at certain moments and it’s not too strong.

Someday’s Dreamers is a series that moves at a relaxed pace over melancholic stories. However through Yume’s head strong desire to help people using magic these stories turn into uplifting ones. The show is character driven with most of the reoccurring characters receiving some assistance from Yume. These story arcs are generally excellent although not all of them get the time they need. The experience is further dampened by a questionable dub. Someday’s Dreamers is a slice of life series that left me wanting more and as long as you’re willing to let its charm sink in you can’t go wrong with it.