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Scrapped Princess Review

Genres: Fantasy Science-Fiction All
Series' Year of Release: 2003
Number of Episodes: 24
Review Date: 4-6-2009
Review Language: Dub
Review DVD Region: R4 Available in Australia
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Review By: Bradley Beeck

Pacifica Casull is the poison that will destroy the world when she turns 16. She is the Scrapped Princess, someone born to royalty but sentenced to death due to a prophecy. She survived the attempt on her life because of the actions of her mother but now lives with a new family. Shannon and Raquel, her adopted brother and sister, struggle to protect their little sister from an entire world that hates her.

scrapped_princess024Scrapped Princess is a series that feels like it would have gotten me into anime. Itís a fantasy series with a quality starting, action, and some cool ideas. The show is adapted from a light novel series. Incidentally Rurouni Kenshin is what really got me into anime.

scrapped_princess003Scrapped Princess follows the story of Pacifica, Shannon and Raquel as they roam the world trying to avoid the forces of the god Mauser. The Grendel Revelation foretold the arrival of Pacifica and the destruction of the world. Shannon and Raquel are known as the Guardians and protect Pacifica while never truly knowing if she will destroy the world. Shannon is an exceptional swordsmen and Raquel a sorceress. Which brings me to the magic system in this series; itís never really explained but what I like is that itís drawn as lines. The show spends a significant amount of time cutting to the other side of the story following the forces aiding Mauser, namely the Royal Special Forces. I didnít get much from this part of the story because it doesnít tell you anything new and the characterís being military arenít expressive. One thing it does do is introduce the Peacemakers.

scrapped_princess036The Peacemakers are the puppet masters of the world of Scrapped Princess. The real villains. Against them are the Dragoons. The Dragoons and Peacemakers are the keys to the backstory which turns out to be ingenious. You see Scrapped Princess is part Science Fiction but I wonít say anymore other than itís a brilliant idea. And I usually hate science infecting my fantasy like in Steam Punk. The series definitely wavers at the end when they push a certain plot element too far (see paragraph below for a spoiler). Thereís also a lot of talking; itís not so much that but what theyíre saying. I donít agree with it and nobody stands up to what the Peacemakers are saying. This also extends to when Pacifica has a conversation with the boss of the story (so to speak) which was weak. The first time I watched it sometime ago I thought it was filled with wishy washy sentiment.

scrapped_princess031The characters in Scrapped Princess are a mixed bag. On one hand Pacifica is demanding and useless while on the other hand Shannon and Raquel are awesome. The show at least acknowledges Pacificaís almost total lack of plot influence outside of simply being the Scrapped Princess. However Ė and this is a spoiler Ė she get amnesia later in the series, making an already useless character even more so. Shannon and Raquel being her guards have all the ability and make the decisions. Although we donít get to see much of what Raquel thinks, which is a shame. Itís rare to get a strong mature woman in anime. I guess this is because at its heart Scrapped Princess is the story of Pacifica and Shannon. A brother and sister.

scrapped_princess040The animation of this series is excellent but no quite up there with Le Chevalier DíEon. The music is extremely quiet and never overplays the dialogue. Sometimes you have to be listening for it but it does sound good enough. The OP Little Wing by Jam Project is good and the animation is nice. The ED is Daichi no la-li-la by Yoko Ueno and Masumi Ito. The song by itself is fine but when combined with the animation of panning down through a blue sky with buildings fading in the background and irrigated fields below it creates a feeling of adventure in me. I love it.

This series is a mixed bag when it comes to characters. Pacifica is useless but Shannon and Raquel are excellent. Thereís no such ambivalence when itís comes to the story which is brilliant. Itís got ideas which I mulled over long after the series ended. The tail end of the series wavers but overall it remains strong. Scrapped Princess is excellent fusion of science and fantasy.