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Comic Party Review

Genres: Comedy
Series' Year of Release: 2001
Number of Episodes: 13
Review Date: 6-5-2009
Review Language: Dub
Review DVD Region: R4 Available in Australia
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Review By: Bradley Beeck

Comic Party is a story about Kazuki and his experiences in the world of fan comics – doujinshi. Kazuki is an artist and his friend Taishi, a fan comic otaku, senses his abilities and drags him into creating his own fan comic. Mizuki, Kazuki's long time friend (and girl), disapproves of his new found hobby which steadily becomes his obsession.

comic_party001Comic Party is one of the those shows made for fans of the medium as it's full of references to other series. I tend not to like shows such as that a great deal but Comic Party is an exception. It's just an enjoyable ride. The DVD release comes with a booklet that points out the references in each episode and what they're about. The DVD volumes themselves come in authentic manga style – right to left - a novelty that suits the show perfectly. The DVD also includes several mini episodes but they're only subtitled.

comic_party031Comic Party has a cast of characters that routinely appear to help Kazuki understand the world of fan comics. Surviving the perils of conventions in the Tokyo Big Sight, getting comics printed, figuring out what to draw, and arguing over the nature of fan comic - for fun or profit are some of the things Kazuki encounters on his journey to World Domination. Which brings me to the scheming character of Taishi, who is nothing short of awesome. He randomly pops up, says dramatic lines in ultra dramatic fashion, and then disappears again. All the while pushing Kazuki into becoming a doujinshi artist, and then it's onto World Dominiation. “He who controls the muffin shall control the entire world” sums up Taishi's brilliance. Then there's Mizuki a normal girl that looks down on doujinshi as being weird. She tries to distract Kazuki from the ups and downs of his new hobby but finds herself becoming distant. Kazuki on the other hand doesn't really have that much of personality, he's really just a gateway into doujinshi for the viewers.

comic_party035There's not a huge amount of story to Comic Party but it does the job just fine. It's follows Kazuki as he learns about fan comics, contemplates his future, and opens his eyes to Mizuki's presence. The later section of the series gets slightly more serious as Kazuki deals with his failure at a convention and his depression over it. The fun drops at this point and it lasts too long, especially considering it's only got 13 episodes. Through the series Kazuki makes a few fan comics but you never get to see much more than the front cover. It would have been nice to see more or have them as an extra booklet with DVD.

comic_party018The animation in Comic Party is decent but expect to see a few static pans across the convention halls. The fan comics that are shown look as you would expect: manga. The music is unmemorable so I don't recall any songs of note. The OP is Kimi no Mama de by Emi Motoda and the ED is Katachi no Nai Machi wo Mezashite by Kaya, which are serviceable.

Comic Party is one of that shows that has the indefinable aura that it's creators loved working on it. It somehow comes through to the viewer and makes things enjoyable to watch. The series is short on story, and drags for a few episodes at the end, but overall it remains a quality show. Comic Party is a series that while full of references is fun even if you don't get a single one, just as long as you have an interest in manga/doujinshi.