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scrapped_princess010  Genres: Fantasy Science-Fiction All
Year of Release: 2003
Number of Episodes: 24
Regions of Release/Licence: Available In Australia Not Available In UK Available In USA
Score: Excellent 
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Scrapped Princess Anime Review.

Scrapped Princess anime review. I've never looked at a combination of science fiction and fantasy so favourable outside of Star Wars.

So it's E3 time. And the reason why this week's review is a day late. I stayed up too late watching live streams of the press conferences. There's been a lot in the way of motion control this year with Nintendo's Motion Plus, Sony's glowing motion controller for the eye toy, and Microsoft's Project Natal (pronounced natARL apparently and not ney-tul). I'm not sold on the idea. I can't foresee playing any games outside of sports titles or on rail shooters with motion control. You can't beat a mouse and keyboard for shooters and strategy games and thumbstick controllers for everything else. Which is everything worth playing. Easily the stupidest thing to come out of the conferences was the Wii Vitality Sensor. It's just a giant WTF. Game wise Last Guardian was the most interesting to me. I've always wanted to play the developers last game - Ico - but I've never managed to find it. Final Fantasy 13 had me interested because it's about time I played a Final Fantasy game....