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comic_party003  Genres: Comedy
Year of Release: 2001
Number of Episodes: 13
Regions of Release/Licence: Available In Australia Not Available In UK Available In USA
Score: Good 
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Comic Party Anime Review.

Comic Party anime review. Watch it and be brainwashed by the pointless ideology of entertainment! A good series that's worth seeing just for the quotes that come out of Taishi. I'm not sure what series I'll be reviewing next; it depends if I go home this week or not. I'm currently staying at my parent's house on holiday.

I haven't played much in the way of games this week other than The World Ends With You. I'm four chapters in and the game is STILL introducing new features and I think it's got more to come. I wish it would stop as there's enough stuff in there already, and I have try and explain it all in a future review. The characters are endearing themselves to me despite having the most emo opening to a game I've played. The combat controls are a bit messy at times because it's all based on the way you move the stylus. Getting photos of the screen is also tricky because it uses both screens in combat. More confusion right there. Look out for a review in the coming months.

And remember "There’s no tomorrow for someone not connected to today." - Taishi.

Vandread Anime Review.

Vandread anime review. A great series that has some memorable ideas and is fun to watch. It was a day late because I had to spend hours sorting through my screenshot directory. Lesson learned: output screenshots to separate folders. I managed to squeeze in watching Comic Party this week which will be my next anime review. As for games I completed Lifesigns: Surgical Unit which is a point and click adventure game that's not entirely linear. It's reasonable but the non-linear aspects are a bit abstract. I also started playing the JRPG Eternal Sonata but I just got past the introduction - a full hour in. I picked up another JRPG Enchanted Arms for the 360 and Civilization: Colonization for the PC in EB's two for $50 sale but who knows when I'll get around to playing them.