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Anime Wrap Up Fall 2009

The initially disappointing fall season recently came to an end so the verdict's in on a number of shows. The season was saved from being a complete failure by the presence of Kimi ni Todoke, and one or two other decent shows. Coincidentally the season ended at the same time as the winter season, due to a few 24 episode series. So winterís wrap up is also just around the corner.

Date: 9-4-2010
Subject: Anime
Article By: Bradley Beeck

The Sacred Blacksmith
Genre(s): Fantasy
Description: Cecily is a knight, following in her fatherís footsteps she protects the city in which she lives. In pursuit of her duty she comes across a demon and finds herself out of her depth. Thatís when Luke, the Sacred Blacksmith, steps in with his magically forged blade to save her.
Opinion: A pretty average show. It does nothing particularly interesting, but itís not boring. The plotís whimsical and only at the end does it decide to focus on the source of demonic evil, it doesnít build towards that point. I also donít like Cecilyís design; itís kind of a cross between a maid and a knight. If they wanted to do a feminine Knight they should have looked at Octaviaís design from Tears to Tiara.


Genre(s): Ecchi, Comedy, Harem
Description: Natsuru Seno wakes up as a girl but before he can register this strange change a stuffed animal with its guts hanging out tells him heís a Kampfer. Kampfers are only girls so whenever he needs to fight he changes into his female form.
Opinion: It started off with the bizarre premise of stuffed animals with their intestines hanging out instructing people to fight (only in anime), but itís simply a show about ecchi antics. Thatís funny for a while however itís not going to hold my interest for long when thatís all it does. I dropped Kampfer after six episodes.


Nyan Koi!
Genre(s): Harem, Comedy
Description: Junpei Kosaka is allergic to cats so he hates them. One day on his way back from school he accidentally damages a statue of a cat deity. The deity curses him and unless he helps 100 cats he will be turned into one. Junpei must keep this curse secret from his classmates, including the girl he has a crush on, or they will be cursed as well.
Opinion: Nyan Koi had the potential to be more than a typical harem show, it could have been about something; it could have had meaning. However I canít be angry with it, because everytime the show finished and the ending theme started I was reminded of an afternoon cartoon. In that respect it did its job, it was an enjoyable show that didnít require anything from its audience.


Kiddy Girl ĖAND
Genre(s): Comedy, Science-Fiction
Description: Ascoeur and Q-feuille are members in training to join the ES division of the Galactic Trade Organization. They currently work at the cafť situated inside the GTO headquarters while they wait for their first mission. The series is a sequel to Kiddy Grade, from 2002.
Opinion: I hate this show, hate it. If you take out everything that was good about Kiddy Grade Ė warm likeable main characters, serious plot, interesting stories Ė and replace it with nothing this is what you get. The first episode is the worst episode of any show Iíve ever seen, to the point where I was begging it to stop before it was even half finished. I canít stand Asceour; sheís just a complete moron, constantly whining about childish crap in her ultra annoying voice. I somehow managed to survive until the seventh episode but that was it; Iíd had more than enough.


Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu ĖPurezzaĖ
Genre(s): Comedy, Romance
Description: Haruka is a popular wealthy girl who has a secret: she likes anime. By accident Yuta discovers her secret but he promises not to tell anyone. Through this shared secret Yuto and Haruka develop a relationship that continues to grow in this second season.
Opinion: Mostly a sweet and innocent romantic comedy, except when the fanservice comes crashing horribly in. It really is that jarring and almost literal. The relationship between Haruka and Yuta has a lot of moments in this series, although the whole Haruka being manipulated storyline at the end is kinda dumb. Itís an okay series.


Genre(s): Romance, Drama, Comedy, Supernatural
Description: Kobato must fill a bottle full of Ďkompeitoí, representing the hearts of those sheís healed, if she wants her wish granted. Ioryogi, a spirit in the form of a dog plushie, assists Kobato on her journey, preventing her naivety from getting her into too much trouble.
Opinion: A charmingly innocent series from CLAMP that has some humour that lightens up the occasionally serious moments. A large part of the series is Kobato helping random people she meets but there is an over arching plot involving the nursery she works at. This doesnít come in heavily until the second half of the series. Nothing huge happens most of the time so as long you donít mind that, itís a good series.


Kimi ni Todoke
Genre(s): Drama/Shoujo, Romance, Comedy
Description: Sawako is shunned by her classmates because they think she can see ghosts and curse people. They even call her Sadako because she looks like the girl from the The Ring. However sheís just a shy, innocent girl who wants to be friends with everyone. Everything changes for her when the most popular guy in class, Kazehaya, starts talking to her.
Opinion: Saving the best till last, Kimi ni Todoke is an excellent series. The characters have a realness to their problems and everyone is given time to grown and change. The friendship that develops between Sawako, Ayane and Chizuru is particularly endearing to watch. Again this is a series that doesnít have much of a plot beyond school yard dramas, but that itís strong point. It has things everyone can relate to. The way one episode seems to continue into the next is another strong point, as is Sawako herself. Sheís very pure but thatís whatís refreshing about her character. She also has an amazing smile.