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The Twelve Anime of Summer 2009
Again I realize that title probably doesnít make sense to people in the Northern Hemisphere but here in Australia its 26C/79F. Since itís summer/christmas that means itís the holiday season and free time abounds. So hereís how Iíll be spending a lot of mine.

Date: 24-12-2009
Subject: Anime
Article By: Bradley Beeck

Cross Game Ė ostensibly a show about baseball Cross Game should really be called Wakabaís Last Dream. As itís really about the death of a sister and girlfriend and the lives of those who go on living. Itís currently airing in Japan and so far baseball games have occupied about 7 of 38 episodes. Itís not a sports anime so much as itís a slice of life anime. Iím actually glad to have found a current series thatís about something, it makes a great change from the likes of Kiddy Girl -AND. It also helps that itís a quality show although they could go into the main characterís feelings more and the time jumping is sometimes rough.

EvaNeon Genesis Evangelion Ė the legendary mecha series that Iím FINALLY getting around to watching. Iíve been intending to do so for over half a decade. Itís been excellent so far and I can see its status is well deserved. However Iíve seen the movies and I canít fathom how this show ends up like that.

Ghost in the Shell 2.0 Ė another title Iíve been meaning to watch for a long time. I put it off even longer when I heard they were doing this remake of the classic cyberpunk movie. Iíve seen the other Ghost in the Shell movies and tv series so itíll be interesting to see what the original is like.

Witch Hunter Robin Ė a round about way of describing this is series is that itís alternative music. Itís got this kind of laid back feeling and style thatís different from other main stream anime. From what I can remember the last time I saw it, its pretty good and I think I wanted more. As for what the series is about the title says it all.

 NowAndThení border=Now and Then, Here and There Ė sort of in the mold of Grave of the Fireflies in that in involves children during a war situation. Iíve already watched this one and its better than Grave of the Fireflies. At first I wasnít sure what to make of it. The story seemed like it could have told itself without the main characterís presence and I wasnít sure what it was trying to do. However in the end I thought it was brilliant. Look out for a review next month.

The Sky Crawlers Ė is a movie about child fighter pilots who never age. Hmm children in war again? I guess things do come in threes. I donít know much about this other than its description so itís a shot in the dark.

D.N Angel Ė an inoffensive drama/adventure series. It involves a boy who transforms into an alter ego, whoís a thief, thatís embedded in his DNA. Itís been stuck in my head for a good while now so Iím revisiting it.

Kite Ė from the same guys who made Mezzo Forte, which was a good action OVA. It features a young girl as an assassin with enough explicit content to earn an R18+ rating. The explicit content in Mezzo Forte was superfluous and was cut out in most releases so weíll see what this does.

írakka152'Haibane Renmei Ė a strange mixture of religion and slice of life. There are these angel like people who live in this town thatís sort of like a half way point between one life and the next. They need to figure out whatís wrong with themselves before they can move on. Itís an amazing series although you get out as much as you put in. It provokes a lot of thought.

Evangelion 1.01 Ė a remake of the aforementioned mecha series. This first installment sticks pretty close to the original from what I understand but the second installment has been getting some high praise. I wonít be putting this off again for years.

RahXephon Ė another mecha series that from what I can remember centered on identity. It was one of the early shows I watched when I got into anime seriously so itís time for another viewing. I hope itís held up better then recent disappointments such as Please Teacher and Tenchi Muyo.

Porco'Porco Rosso Ė yes that is a pig and he does indeed fly a plane. That rather bizarre combination comes together to produce one of Studio Ghibliís best films. I was quite impressed by it but I thought it could have been even better had it not ended ambiguously. Iíll be starting a series of reviews covering Studio Ghibliís entire movie catalogue early next year.

Some new shows, and some old. Thatís the best way to do things because then youíre always watching something you really like. It stops you from burning out on mundane mediocre shows. Now that Iíve told you what Iíll be watching this summer/winter, what will you be watching? Leave a comment in the forums and let me know.