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Aria the Natural

Genres: Slice-of-Life
Year of Release: 2006
Number of Episodes: 26
Regions of Release/Licence: Not Available In Australia Not Available In UK Available In USA
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Aria the Natural is a story about Akari Mizunashi who is a ’single’ undine (gondolier) in the city of Neo Venezia (a replica Venice) on the planet Aqua (terraformed Mars). A single refers to the fact that she only wears one glove which represents the level of her training. Akari works for Aria which is a small undine company that takes people on tours around Neo Venezia. As well as Aria company there are two other undine companies: Orange Planet and Himeya. Akari’s friends, Alice Carroll and Aika Granzchesta, are trainees for these two companies. Together the three friends have many strange and mystical counters in the beautiful city of Neo Venezia. Aria the Natural continues on from the last season – Aria the Animation.

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