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Shining Tears X Wind

Genres: Fantasy Action Adventure Drama All
Year of Release: 2007
Number of Episodes: 13
Regions of Release/Licence: Not Available In Australia Not Available In UK Not Available In USA
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A group of high school friends are transported in pairs to the world of End Earth where they become tangled up in the fate of that world. Souma, Kiriya and Saionji (guys) become Soul Bladders in this new world and represent different countries. A Soul Bladder is able to crystallize people’s hearts into swords (they often use a girl’s) which they fight with. Kureha, Shiina and Hiruda (girls) are sent respectively along with Souma, Kiriya, and Saionji to End Earth. In addition to these characters is Zero, a mysterious angel-like being, and Mao, who’s looking for Zero.

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