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Toward the Terra

Genres: Drama Science-Fiction All
Year of Release: 2007
Number of Episodes: 24
Regions of Release/Licence: Not Available In Australia Not Available In UK Available In USA
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In the future humanity has ruined the earth and has had to set out into space to colonize new planets. Super computers now control the birth of children and children are given to foster families until the age of 14. When children turn 14 they must pass the adult exam where their memories are erased. In the midst of all this a new race of people the Mu - arise. The Mu have telekinetic abilities and are ruthlessly hunted by the rest of humanity. All the Mu want to do is return to the Terra (earth). The main character of Toward the Terra is Jomy, a 14 year kid who is facing the adult exam and soon discovers that he is a Mu. He is rescued by Soldier Blue who is the leader of the Mu. There are other characters such as Keith, Sam and Swena who are on the other side of the story - what happens after the adult exam and to the rest of humanity.

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