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Yoake mae yori ruriiro na - Crescent Love (Brighter Than the Dawning Blue)

Genres: Romance Comedy All
Year of Release: 2006
Number of Episodes: 13
Regions of Release/Licence: Not Available In Australia Not Available In UK Available In USA Available To View Online  Find Streams>>
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Yoake Mae yori Ruriiro na ~Crescent Love~ is a story about Tatsuya Asagiri and Feena Fam Earthlight. Many years ago the earth and the moon went to war and since that time there hasn’t been much contact between the two. Tatsuya is just a normal high school student but Feena is a princess from the moon. Feena comes to stay at Tatsuya’s house as part of a home stay, in an effort to create understanding between the two sides. Tatsuya’s sister is the President’s secretary. Tatsuya and Feena begin fall for each other.

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