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Air Gear

Genres: Sports
Year of Release: 2006
Number of Episodes: 25
Regions of Release/Licence: Available In Australia Not Available In UK Available In USA
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Air Gear is about Itsuki Minami or Baby Face Itsuki and his rise to become the Sky King. Itsuki lives with the 4 Noyamano sisters Ringo, Rika, Mikan, and Shiraume. Itsuki is a junior high schooler and is a part of the East Side Gunz, a local gang which rules during the day. Kazuma, Itsukiís friend, is also a part of the East Side Gunz. One day Itsuki is beaten up by the Skull Saders; a group of storm riders (top level riders) that use Air Trek (motorized roller blades). The Skull Saders and the other Air Trek teams rule the night. With the help of the Noyamano sisters, who have been keeping their use of Air Treks a secret from Itsuki, Itsuki learns how to use Air Treks and gets revenge on the Skull Saders. When Itsuki puts on his Air Treks he discovers a world of freedom, a world where he can have wings that fly Ė the Wings Road. And that he may just be the next Sky King. In the world of Air Trek there are 8 roads (think riding styles) that one can follow. The Wings Road that Itsukiís follows means that he can become the Sky King - the ruler of all the roads. With the help of his friends Itsuki forms an Air Trek team and begins his journey through the world of the night, the world of Air Trek.

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