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Last Exile

Genres: Drama Adventure Science-Fiction All
Year of Release: 2003
Number of Episodes: 26
Regions of Release/Licence: Available In Australia Available In UK Available In USA
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In the world of Last Exile Vanships fly the skies as two warring nations fight under the watchful eye of the Guild. The Guild controls flying technology and thus controls the world. The Sylvana, a battleship under the command of Alex Row, is the only vessel they donít control. Claus is a Vanship pilot and Lavie is a navigator. They dream of crossing the Grand Stream in their fatherís ship. Before they can achieve their dream they come across a downed Vanship carrying Alvis Hamilton. This young girl is being chased by the Guild so Claus and Lavi decide to rescue her. Soon they come into contact with the Sylvana and join its quest to find the Last Exile; a mysterious object which lies in the furtherest reaches of the sky.


".... So Last Exile is a series that needed a stronger focus and greater exposition of characters and setting."
Score: Good
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