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Escaflowne, The Vision of

Genres: Mecha Fantasy Romance All
Year of Release: 1996
Number of Episodes: 26
Regions of Release/Licence: Available In Australia Available In UK Available In USA
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The story of Escaflowne is the story of Hitomiís journey through the conflict building in the world of Gaea. She finds herself transported there after Van, king of Fanelia, appears in her world fighting a dragon. Soon after arriving in Vanís kingdom itís overrun by forces of the Zaibach Empire, despite the efforts of Van himself piloting his mecha the Escaflowne. The trouble is Hitomi foresaw this terrifying event in a vision; the first of many. Her prophetic ability will be key to the outcome of the coming conflict.


".... In short the Vision of Escaflowne is remembered as a classic series for a reason."
Score: Excellent
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