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Vandread (Season One and Two)

Genres: Mecha Science-Fiction Comedy Romance All
Year of Release: 2000
Number of Episodes: 26
Regions of Release/Licence: Available In Australia Not Available In UK Available In USA
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The planet Hibiki lives on is entirely populated by men. Women are feared as monsters and live separately on a neighbouring planet. Through a dare Hibiki finds himself on the menís new warship when it is attacked by a pirate ship crewed by women. Hibiki and two other men, Bart and Duero, end up together with the women after their ships fuse through the mysterious Paksis. Which is the power core of the men's ship. Now both men and women, forced to live side by side, must face the truth of their existence.


".... Vandread is a series that has unique ideas and character development that put it above a lot of other shows but itís also just a whole lot of fun."
Score: Excellent
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