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About the Website
The Magnificent-World website was started by Bradley Beeck (pronounced Beck) as a place to discuss and review anime in an intelligent relaxed environment. The site went live on the 14th of July 2006. During this period Bradley attended University which proved to be a thorn in the websiteís side; getting in the way of new and continual content. That was until 2009: Fresh from graduating the website was relaunched with the inclusion of games and a much more professional attitude. The name Magnificent-World comes from the founderís love of the El-Hazard: Magnificent World OVA series and symbolizes his generally optimistic attitude.

The Mission
The goal of this website is to review and discuss games and anime with a strong focus on storyline, characters, gameplay and how much fun it is to play or watch. Whilst also covering the areas of music, graphics and animation but to a lesser degree.

My Creed
There are few things you need to understand about a review. A review is one personís opinion of game, of their experience with it. This can and will include an authorís expectations. This is just part of life, especially gaming life where game demos, trailers, and developer interviews are all geared towards creating that expectation. An authorís opinion is not a universal rating which will be looked upon through the ages as Truth. You, as the reader, need to taking into consideration the points made by the author and weigh them against your own personal interests and biases. This enables you make a judgment on whether to: try the game out, look into it more, or buy it. To this end this website does not, nor will ever, give games a numerical score. A personís intricate opinion can not be distilled into a rigid immovable digit or similar. Humans do not naturally communicate this way; we speak in relative terms which have no concrete boundaries. In numerical terms what is the difference between something that is good and really good?  Can a 7 and 8 adequately communicate their difference? I donít believe so and it becomes more meaningless when the score includes decimals. This is why this website uses relative terms to summarize an overall opinion of a game. I feel it better replicates how one individual speaks to another while not causing false distinctions. One last thing to remember is that it is a summary, which is not a replacement for reading the authorís detailed opinion.

I am also not a Ďgraphics whoreí, if anything I am a content whore. I focus on the gameplay and whether the game is enjoyable. It is worth noting that originality does not automatically equate to fun.

About the Founder
Bradley Beeck: Iíve been playing games for as long as I can remember. Except for a few years around 2003 where anime kicked it aside, itís something Iíve sunk countless hours into. Lately games have been clawing their way back into my life which lead me to include them along side anime on this website. Over my gaming dry period I grew more interested in making games than playing them. So it shouldnít be a surprise that when I started my Bachelor of Computer Science I also decided to major in Games Programming, as well as Computer Science. I also have a Diploma of Software Development so, yeah, I like programming too. Iím currently working on a platformer for XNA Community Games when not reviewing anime and games. I live in Australia.

Favourite Games: Zelda Ocarina of Time, Baldurís Gate 2, Giants: Citizen Kabuto.
Favourite Anime: El Hazard: Magnificent World OVA, Mezzo DSA, Rurouni Kenshin, Eureka Seven, Skip Beat.